ZTE nubia Z18S shown on video with 2 screens .

ZTE nubia Z18S shown on video with 2 screens .
ZTE nubia Z18S shown on video with 2 screens .

The ZTE nubia Z18 was divulged recently with a 91.8% screen-to-body proportion – that is a considerable measure of the screen. Be that as it may, it’s only one screen. On the off chance that this video that demonstrates the nubia Z18S is to be trusted, a two-screen show is in progress.

The second screen is on the back and is substantially bigger than what the Meizu Pro 7 had. It’s sufficiently substantial to run the full UI of the telephone.

The primary advantage of that will be that you can utilize the full camera application and get an enormous viewfinder. As you may have seen, there’s no indent on the front presentation and, truth be told, no selfie camera. Why trouble when there’s a proficient double camera on the back (with blaze and all) that can be utilized to take selfies?

Another detail to see is the side-mounted unique mark peruser. On the nubia Z18, the FP peruser is on the back, however, that is currently taken up constantly screen. All things considered, in-show perusers do exist, yet how about we do not get voracious – the telephone is thick enough as it seems to be.

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On the off chance that you need a clearer take a gander at the telephone, check out this leak from late June, a promotion picture or some likeness thereof. It demonstrates a clock as one of the choices, which proposes that the back screen may have Always On usefulness.


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