Xiaomi accidentally leaks Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi accidentally leaks Mi Mix 3 .
Xiaomi accidentally leaks Mi Mix 3 .

Xiaomi accidentally leaks Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 is now very probably when it is coming this month September, as past rumors also suggest some leaks that have been told us. It is going to be expected to push it to the screen-to-body required ratio even very further than its following predecessors, which is very useful for the given company in this very world where it is the vivo NEX Sand Oppo Find X that still exist.

The Chinese made smartphone producers that may have been accidentally leaked the mobile design outline of the new generation upcoming Mi Mix 3 very itself, through the given MIUI 10 releases that show out to other phones and mobiles. There may be used to be its very screenshot that is available inside the required software that shows a perfect Xiaomi device which is with a fully dedicated AI button on the given left side.

Such a product may haven’t been launched yet. And then there is also the fact that it may have very little tiny bezels which are all-around – which got different people thinking that this is in now the fact that the Mi Mix 3. Another screenshot from MIUI 10 that can be seen below.

The fact that Xiaomi has now promptly removed these very things and images from MIUI 10 might imply that the design wasn’t just a product of the generic one, but there is indeed design that wasn’t just a generic one but indeed showcased with a handset due to its further launch soon.

If this is the Mi Mix 3, then you’ll definitely notice that the required bottom chin is now very much smaller, although the phone that doesn’t support a general symmetrical top to bottom look. Since a defined front camera which is nowhere to be seen yet, this leak may kind of confirms the use of a very pop-up motorized unit, which has now been rumored before. The selfie cam has now also been said to come up with an ultra LED flash.

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