Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY In INDIA.

Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY In INDIA
Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY In INDIA

Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY In INDIA.

The answer to this question is very simple. Because we are addicted to Windows, we cannot imagine learning a new Operating System over our most favorite and reliable Windows. This is actually a marketing trick,first get it to everyone,let them use it,let them make it a habit,make them addicted to it and then earn money(This is a part of Microsoft’s Business Model),Even when Windows 10 was launched its official pirated version was launched by Microsoft itself the only key wasn’t provided which one could easily get in seconds from the Internet, no doubt Microsoft is one of the biggest company and owner Bill Gates is one of the richest people on the planet.

Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY In INDIA.
Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY In INDIA.

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But then they pirate their own software, how do they make money..??

A lot of other software such as Office, Outlook, Edge and other Microsoft software come along in a bunch with the OS. We pay directly/indirectly for these services.

Also, they don’t allow Companies, vendors (People who make money using Microsoft systems)to use their pirated copies, they have proper arrangements for that.

Would you Imagine any MNC, any educational institution using pirated software, No they buy it.

Also, if you buy a non assembled device, like a Computer or a Laptop it already has a paid and authentic version of Windows.

Because From our Childhood we see Microsoft Operating System in most of the computers and laptops and we start learning them by Ourself only and when we grew up, or we start our business then we only suggest Microsoft OS because we don’t know how to use any other Operating System such as Linux. So, at that time we think that why to waste money and time on learning Linux or any other OS. Let’s jump to Windows Operating System, and then you buy original windows and that’s what Microsoft wants. It attracts its customers or users by providing them Pirated Windows. That’s the Bussiness Technique Of Microsoft, Hats Off to Sir Bill Gates, what a great business oriented mind he has. As Microsoft makes the profit by this system hence they don’t take action on pirated versions.

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