Qualcomm launches SD 670 as a successor to SD 660.


Qualcomm has now surprised us all with it’s new upcoming mid-range chipset which releases after the release of the processor Snapdragon 710 but this time it’s a very brand-new addition to the processor of the Snapdragon 600-series and it’s a fully direct successor to the version of Snapdragon 660. However, the version Snapdragon 670 has more in common with the version Snapdragon 710 than against forerunner. In fact, if you look at the different specs of what sheet it’s straight forward to mix up them with up.

Just like the version SD710, the SD670 comes out with octa-core type CPU with the totally exact same core available configuration – two big cores and by using six power-efficient ones — 2x Kryo 360 with 6x Kryo 360. The two mains big Kryo 360 cores are mainly based on the Cortex-A75 type architecture while It’s using the small ones which borrows the Cortex-A55’s architecture. But contrary to the version of SD710, the SD670’s may have big cores that are down clocked to frequency 2.0GHz while the same small ones are still very running at frequency of 1.7GHz.

With this keep in mind, we expect it like the multi-core fully performed performance to be as just as about the same as the version of Snapdragon 660 since it’s the latter which incorporates four instead of using two big cores. However, the Qualcomm May also claims that the version SD670 offers about 25% much better performance over the version of SD660 while the SD710 is 35% faster compared to the SD660.

The key advantage of the version SD670 over its long predecessor is the fully 10nm LPP manufacturing process (the SD710 is based on the same node, too). This should allow for significant power efficiency gains.

Moreover, the Qualcomm which have announced a totally new GPU called Adreno 615 but we don’t have to know any specifics of these . We can only assume that it’s very inferior to the version Adreno 616 found on the chipset of Snapdragon 710. And although that both SoCs share the same commmon ISP, Spectra 250, which is due to the lower clock of the SD670, it can only take its care of 25MP single camera or may be 16MP in its form of dual setup. It’s also stripped off some features which that are very intrinsic to the higher-end powered chip sets.



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