Oneplus replaces Samsung as the fastest growing premium smartphone brand .

Oneplus replaces samsung as the fastest growing premium smartphone.
Oneplus replaces samsung as the fastest growing premium smartphone.
Chinese manufacture smartphone OnePlus has now observed as for the first time, it has surpassed company Samsung and Apple have to become the latest and fastest-growing premium mobile starting (price of over ₹30,000) smartphone brands that are now available in India, according to its very recentCounter Point, a Hong-Kong-based research firm.

OnePlus comes as the fastest-growing brand in its very premium segment during its shipments as itsApple and Samsung company mobiles declined year-on-year. It is very captured by 40 percent of the share of market driven by recorded shipments of its mobiles OnePlus 6.

Samsung has captured 34 percent share of the large premium segment. Its many shipments declined by 25 percent year-on-year because of a drop in shipments of S9 as differed in compared to S8 last year. However, there may be promotions which are related to its very S9 as its remain strong which helped during push sales. Apple’s share reach in the premium segment reached its lowest ever 14 percent due to a further decline in shipments for its version iPhone 8 and X series. Additionally, there is further increase in import duty and also an absence of local and storage manufacturing which are impacted during It’s pricing strategy in India. Apple is also now looking to very streamline its structure and channels in India, the report said.

OnePlus is now surpassing Samsung and Apple due to the very strong sales of its large flagship of OnePlus 6, which was further launched during its first quarter. India may remain a very important market that is for OnePlus, contributing to almost about a third of its global finance revenue. Each time a new model which is launched by company OnePlus sees it as a very good chance for the sales thanks to the word of mouth which have that special reference are from very large existing customers and that is also because of the company effectively large leverages social media, the report said. The premium smartphone segment which now grew 19 percent annually and 10 percent sequentially during its second quarter ended the month of June. Samsung has now captured over a third of the total premium smartphone market that runs during the quarter with promotions around its main flagship S9 series that is remaining strong, the report also said without giving numbers.



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