OnePlus new smartphone OnePlus 6T allegedly leaked in Russia.


Rumours spread around OnePlus 6T are growing very strong with each passing time . Although the firm has not being yet mentioned any description about the handset, a recently released report citing people ‘familiar with the forward plans’ suggested that the handset’s arrival imminent. Building on those further claims is the demand of the new regulatory agency that has may listed a new smartphone which is being codenamed ‘OnePlus A6013’, which is said to be the OnePlus 6T.

The smartphone which is being said to be the rumoured OnePlus 6T as the top OnePlus 6 and 5T which were codenamed A6000 and A5010. Based on the given sequence of codenamed and given to such models, the ‘OnePlus A6013’ could probably may be the OnePlus 6T. The smartphone which has been certified by EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission). Unfortunately, that the listing which doesn’t reveal much about the former handset.

However, according to a very recent report published , OnePlus 6T may go on its sale via T-Mobile for $550, which is being slightly more than what the OnePlus 6 would costs in the region.

Whenever the smartphone arrives, it may be the one which can expect it to be feature as the best of specifications onboard. The smartphone which may not be sporting any particular notches this time. However, the given Optic AMOLED 6.2-inch FHD+ display type may be there also.

In terms of processor which , one can expect the given smartphone to feature the latest version of mobile processor that is being available in the market – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor if it is not better.

In all likeliness, the handset could be the running Android 9.0 Pie as the given OnePlus 6 which is being already a part of Android 9.0 Pie beta program. The treatment is given to the RAM specified options of the OnePlus 6T could probably be the exactly same as what is given to OnePlus 6 – 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM.

Better rear cameras and may be a version of pop-up front-facing camera could come on selective board.

While there’s no confirmation on the given date or the device’s existence further itself, since we have largely OnePlus introducing its ‘T’ handset variants in months of November and December since past few years, the same launch time frame could may be expected for the OnePlus 6T as well.


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