New PUBG updates brings bunch of new features.


PUBG on PC Gets First ‘Fix PUBG’ Update With Better Cheating Reports, New Weapon, and Scooters in Sanhok

We already know PUBG Corp that has made its mission to ‘Fix PUBG’ this following year. The following plan which was given outlines earlier to this month, included by fixing bugs in the famous game, adding more required features and making the game which may be more playable and like smoother on all of kinds of devices.

Following up to that available promise, PUBG Corp may has added with some of its new elements to the following game on the test servers which as a part of update #20. This patch also available through which we went live on Friday should be released to the live servers after the successful testing run.

Cheating Reports

PUBG has now also added with visual bug fixes such as with the eliminating loot box of clipping under the following map in Miramar. However, there is in terms of improving its user friendly experience, the biggest possible change that seems to be of following around the given reporting system, which now been seems to be more robust. PUBG players on PC can now directly report to teammates which were suspected of cheating, and can snitch on enemies that may have hacked the game to make themselves more possible invincible.

Like many other required feedback tools, PUBG will also will notify you when it takes full action against a respective player or cheat that you may have reported. This should keep the things which have more than transparent and you can more easily like to follow up on reports.

While much of the focus of the given update is to improve the things mainly that lies behind-the-scenes, one user-facing change is a very new gun coming to all the given maps on PUBG on PC.

New Weapon

Erangel, Miramar and the smaller Sanhok map which will get the Beryl M762 and which uses the already common used 7.62mm type of ammunition. If you prefer using an gun type of AKM during your modes or missions, you would be likely to be more than familiar with this type of gun and may actually start using this very instead, as it can take in its stability of attachments which should be improved your overall accuracy and reduce recoil in following burst fire.

Scooters and Tukshais for Sanhok

Another change which came under in the form of gameplay which is seen as on Sanhok, where you can now move around when on a available scooter. Scooters will also replace motorbikes that is on very type of Sanhok and which will not be available on the following other maps, which should not be definitely given in Sanhok in a very more unique type personality.

PUBG Corp which is also said that the Tukshai, which on an upcoming Santhosh-exclusive with three-wheeler will be released in month of September, and is currently being tested to further ensure the ongoing gameplay experience does not have to suffer as a result of its further addition.



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