New MacBooks coming soon!

New MacBooks coming soon!,
New MacBooks coming soon!,

New MacBooks coming soon!

Apple has filed five new Macbook and ipad models each with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

Since, in the time ago, Apple’s ECC filings had just come before being its officially announced of the same products, this time too, ao this time there is expectation that new iPads and MacBooks to be revealed soon.

“Apple has gained approvals for the selling of five models of laptops and tablets,” a officially report said.

07 Jul 2018
5 new Apple iPad and MacBook models certified in Eurasia

Apple could be soon launching revised iPads, MacBooks
These products could possibly be announced in September, may be Apple is also going to reveal its 2018 iPhone lineup.

Till that, reports said that Apple likely to showed a revamped Macbook Pro and iPad Pro have surfaced.

The MacBook Pro will focus on professionals with a better keyboard and the iPad Pro will have technological feature of Face ID, slim bezels, with no home button.

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26 Jun 2018

The first public beta version of iOS 12 is out

24 Jun 2018

Apple offers repair program for ‘faulty’ MacBook, MacBook Pro keyboards

05 Jun 2018

Apple is facing lawsuit over MacBooks with faulty butterfly keyboards.

There is Free battery exchange of faulty MacBooks manufactured between October 2016-2017.

Apple Pencil support is now available to help students in Apple device

In August 2016, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple filed for iPhone7 Watch Series 1, and AirPods, all of those were revealed in September.

In month of February this year, Apple had filed for a new iPad, which was launched as according to its March education event.

Doubts regarding older software updates

Whoever, one thing that seems off is that, in accordance to the filings, the opted devices will run on OS iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. This cannot make sense because as Apple products that’ll be going to launched in September should ship with the latest version macOS Mojave and iOS 12.



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