Mozilla giving Firefox a touch up.

Mozilla giving Firefox a touch up.
Mozilla giving Firefox a touch up.

Mozilla giving Firefox a touch up.

Firefox has now become Android enters the maintenance phase as a team preparing fully new browser.

Firefox is one of the main of many alternative browsers available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. It’ is a very favorite browser in many types especially due to consideration of privacy-conscious. On Android devices, though, it has managed to enter a maintenance and transformation phase, meaning that there are not going to be many updates in near future for the next foreseeable future—barring different types of bug fixes and security updates due of course. Accordingly to Emily Kager, Mobile and phone Engineer at Mozilla managed, there’s still a lot of looks forwarded to.
Maybe many have a question, what does this mean? Well, for those who use Firefox for its purpose of privacy and security should not worry about anything. The browser will still get security updates in future and bug fixes. Maintenance in that mode just means in that there will be no more new updates and features until a later date. So where are Mozilla’s development are working going to?

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Mozilla can be working on a fully new browser that will be based on the open-source Android Components. Android Components is mainly a collection of Android different types of libraries that may be used to build browsers or browser site -like applications. Mozilla Firefox could use it for the purpose all of their browser projects that are based on Android including Firefox Klar/Firefox focus, Firefox Rocket, and different apps like as Firefox for Fire TV or Firefox Reality.

This may have a seen that number of unforeseen ramifications for Mozilla’s browser, though. That’s not easy to say that there is not anything wrong with still using that the browser, but users may still feel slightly deterred from continuing the use of this site. Within a few months and ahead of no feature updates, some users can choose open-source Chromium-based browsers that like Bromite or Kiwi. We’ll see that what comes of the new kind browser because it may be worth to wait.

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