Microsoft to present a solution to CBSE’s paper leaks conundrum.


The Central Board of Secondary Education board (CBSE), people critises organisation in this year following due to the leaks of class 10 mathematics question paper and class 12 economics question paper, has forged a partnership with technological giant Microsoft to prevent such further leaks in the near future.

The paper leaks also triggered nationwide misunderstanding among students and parents. This set the CBSE, which has enrolled 20,299 schools in the country, in action, and paving the way for the partnership with company Microsoft which will soon developed an encrypted security solution for digital question papers for the CBSE board within a period of three months. Interval.

“We have developed for CBSE an innovative and reliable solution which makes question papers more leak-proof until time 30 minutes prior to the start of board examinations,” Anil Bhansali, Managing Director, of Microsoft India (R&D) and Vice President corporate, Cloud and Enterprise, told IANS in a telephonic interaction.

“But if the question papers may get leaked after they are allowed to download (just half an hour before the start of the exam) due to any some bad actors, the system may allows easy permission to traceability as question paper for each centre are watermarked,” Bhansali said.

the present solution is now having a feasible pilot run, but it has passed the first test as we have get report with flying colours, Microsoft claimed.

As part of their further collaboration, CBSE and Microsoft have the plans to successfully executed in July the first ever pilot of the further digital question paper generation which and delivery process at majorly 487 centres for compartment examinations for class 10.



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