iPhone to feature a triple camera setup

iPhone to feature a triple camera setup
iPhone to feature a triple camera setup

iPhone to feature a triple camera setup

A fairly new reports clues about Apple that the 2019 Apple iPhone X can come with a new design with a triple-camera installation on the back. The knowledge, that comes from headlines of Korea’s ET News, presents that the third important camera may be used for augmented reality purposes. It is being told that the new configuration of camera setup will be more operationally advanced than the one today found on the front-side of the iPhone X, dubbed the TrueCamera technology system.

Jesset Taunch Chippak Korea (JSCK), a Korean multilateral investment company in China, may be developing the new sensors for a camera that can be used for sensing or designing a 3D space. The company is going to finalize the development related to modules soon by next year and is a big step towards mass-production meantime between in the second-quarter of 2019. The reports also claim that if the module or products meet Apple’s needs and requirements, the Cupertino company could give a start signal for production of a triple-camera setup on an iPhone X, which it plans to launch in 2019. Currently, Apple sources buy cameras module from other tenders like LG Innotek.

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To be honest, this isn’t the first time that Apple is working on an iPhone that consists of three rear cameras for 2019. Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News in the month of April claimed that the next generation iPhone will include a trio lens of 12MP, and have features of 5x optical zoom. Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting Co. analyst Jeff Pu also believes Apple is going to launch a new iPhone having the feature of triple-camera setup in the near coming future. It is noticed that Apple will likely soon launch the said iPhone next-generation model in the second-half of next year. A Bloomberg report last year suggested that Apple have the plans to add a 3D sensor to at least on one iPhone model which is going to launch in 2019, which can be used to provide higher augmented reality and fairly capabilities.

Triple-camera technology in smartphones is going to be the future of cameras installation on mobiles, with the Huawei P20 Pro is the first phone to offer three cameras on the back. Samsung Galaxy S10 may have come with an iPhone to feature a triple camera setup triple-camera setup.



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