How to Start Blogging or Blogging as a Career.

How to Start Blogging or Blogging as a Career.
How to Start Blogging or Blogging as a Career.

How to Start Blogging or Blogging as a Career.

Hello guys, in this blog I will tell you about Blogging as a career or how to start Blogging.
So, the very first thing is why? why do you want to start blogging? Just ask yourself once why you want to go into blogging.
I’m asking this question because many people start blogging just to earn some money, which is totally not acceptable what they actually do is they copy blogs from other available websites on the internet and post the same in their blogs and through this, they want to earn some money?
So, if your main priority is to make money then it’s not the right choice for you because you cannot make money by copying the content of others because it’s against the policies of ad giving companies like Google Adsense. So, if you love to write if you want to give or share your knowledge through your blogs then yes it’s a very good option for you to make blogger as your career.

Next, you don’t need to invest or spend any money to make a blogger account
it’s totally free you just need a Gmail account and through the Gmail account, you can signup for blogger.
Blogger is a Google-hosted platform which provides you a subdomain main in which you can create a website and you can write unlimited blogs also you don’t need to purchase any hosting for that because blogger gives you free hosting service with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Now the question is how to write blogs?

So, While writing a blog you need to be sure about what are you writing and on what topic.
Also, make sure that you ignore grammatical errors because making errors while writing is not a good thing for bloggers or the respective blog.
You need to be a little attentive while writing a blog So that you can give your message to your users or audience in a very simple and interesting way.

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Also, try to make simple blogs please ignore the lightings and all colorful setup while dealing with a blog because in blogs the content matters and nothing else.

Do not try to steal someone’s content in your blogs because it’s against google priorities because of this you may lose your blogger account, so try to be natural and try to make your own contentful blog. And if your content finds to be genuine then you can earn money through Google Adsense by showing their ads on your Blogs.

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