How to get Google Adsense approval on your website.

Google Adsense Approval on your Website
Google Adsense Approval on your Website

Hello and welcome guy, Today in this blog I will tell you about how to get Google Adsense approval on your website.
So, in order to get approval you need to take care of a lot of things, yes a lot of things getting adsense approval is not an easy task so if someone tells you that it’s very easy to get approval then he must be lying.
Okay so now come to the points.

  •  First of all you need to make your website look simple and unique, by simple and unique I mean that you don’t need you to customize your site a lot, you just need to apply a simple theme if you are a WordPress user , because many people think that by making website cool  or advanced can help them to get Google Adsense approval, but its not true because adsense always prefer those websites or content, that user what to see or read, and user want to see simple website without any temporary colors and designs.
  •  Second, and the most important thing is your website content, just think yourself if your website doesn’t benefit the users then why someone visits your website, Also your traffic becomes low due to this google thinks that your website doesn’t have any good content and people doesn’t want to visit your site so Google never approves your site.
    So, before applying to google adsense make sure that your website content is highly rich and easy to understand by Google and the users.
  •  The third point is, Do not copy someone’s post or blog or content, because if you do so then you may get a copyright strike and Google may ban your website from their search engine. So, try to ignore the copying content and write your own blogs.
  • You need to post at least 10-12 articles before applying for google adsense because without any content google may decline your request with a valid reason for less content. So, make sure that you post at least 10-12 articles on your website.
  •  Also, try to write SEO friendly article because it increases your SEO ranking, which helps you to get more n more traffic.
  • In order to get Adsense approval, you need to be 18+.
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