How to Get Free Domain and Free Hosting for one year.

Free domain and Free hosting
Free domain and Free hosting for one year

How to Get Free Domain and Free Hosting for one year.

Hello readers, Today in this blog we will be discussing about how to get a free domain name and free hosting, as you all know in today’s world website is an essential thing for everyone, So everyone wishes to own a website. But the only problem is of the budget, domain name and hosting will make your budget down but now I have a solution for your problem.
Just follow the given steps to get a free domain and free hosting for one year.

For Free Domain Name

1.In order to get a free domain and hosting you must have a Gmail account if you don’t have one then just make a new Gmail account its free for sure.
2.After creating your Gmail Account just go to website and sign up for a new Freenom account.
3. After creating a freenom account just click on “register a new domain” and type your desired domain name, but remember in order to get a free domain you can only get “.ga, .tk, .ml ” types extension.
4. Select your desired domain and click on checkout after that you own a free domain.

For Free Web Hosting

1. Now its time for Free Web Hosting, for hosting you need to visit:
2. Now you have to create an account in “Infinity free website” its free for sure just sign up there.
3. After the sign up process you see two options on the infinity free website you just select the one which says do you have a domain name then click on it and type your free domain name which you created from and after entering domain name click continue and then you need to copy the infinity free website nameserver to your domain nameserver if you don’t know how to do that then you can comment down below I’ll make another blog on that thing. Now, after entering infinity free website nameserver to your freenom domain, your website should start working fine and if you want to install WordPress on it then go to your infinity free website cpanel and search for “Softaculosh Apps Installer” click on it and it will open much software you need to search for WordPress and click on install WordPress for your site that’s all you receive WordPress login email and password through a mail on your given email id.
8. Just log into WordPress and start making your free website.
Note: If you don’t understand any step, just comment down below and I will try to answer you with your query.

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