Google new operating system Fuchsia coming soon.

Google new operating system coming soon.
Google new operating system coming soon.

Google new operating system Fuchsia coming soon.

Fuchsia may be a capability-based OS presently being developed by Google developers. The first time it being known to the public just when the project is shown on the GitHub site in August 2016 without any further official notice or announcement. In contrasts to prior operating systems that is being developed by Google-developers such as Android and Chrome OS, which are being based on Linux kernels,Fuchsia will be based on a new microkernel known as Zircon derived from “Little Kernel”,a small design operating system which is used for the embedded systems , which was being developed by Travis Geiselbrecht, a creator of the NewOS kernels that is being used by Haiku OS. Upon successful submission, media noted that the codes posted on GitHub suggested that fuchsias have the capability to run on universal all devices, from embedded systems to various tablets, smartphones, and personal computers. In May 2017, Fuchsia has updated with a more user-friendly interface, along with a developer context writing that the project was not a “dumping surface of a dead thing”, prompting media speculation about the idea of Google’s intentions with the OS, including the probability of it replacing Android.

Google new operating system coming soon.
Google new operating system coming soon.

From what are we hearing is that Fuchsia may be Google’s response to Apple and Microsoft unified platforms with one of its own. In turning Android into one of the two biggest mobile platforms and later it being popularizing Chrome OS – and its complex web-based following programs – in the workplace and classroom, Google itself is the major player on all platforms. Fuchsia is going to get much of what Microsoft and Apple which had already in Windows 10 and on the iOS-to-macOS Sierra Continuity, represented, but in a kind of Google way. It is easy to expect reach to Google’s inimitable search bars and data-tracking at your palms – Google Assistant and ‘entities’, anyone? – which can be out as best than Microsoft and Apple’s, and an interface that has the possibility of changes based on the device from which it’s accessed.

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With that, Google is going to become that much more formidable an enemy to Apple and Microsoft and that much appealing an option to Chromebook and Android users all over. Who knows, perhaps it will be large enough to bring people over from the other side of apples and Microsoft fences.

Will this mean that the end of Android and Chrome? In name, it is being likely, but their principles will almost certainly survive on – there’s too heavy solid foundation not to build on top of them. Just looking at the Material design and functions and language found throughout these early formation of either version of Fuchsia.

The final result may be seen in a preview later maybe this year and in purchasable devices in 2019.

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