Google Neighbourly Vs Whatsapp Vs Facebook Vs Twitter.

Google Neighbourly Vs Whatsapp Vs Facebook Vs Twitter
Google Neighbourly Vs Whatsapp Vs Facebook Vs Twitter

Google Neighbourly Vs Whatsapp Vs Facebook Vs Twitter:

The difference compared various Technology giants like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are reshaping the concept of the people interact on social media platforms.

With many increasing internet-based social giants networking platforms which is rising up with new features, the more virtual world has now become crowded and densely populated like never before. The social media is now raising the sites that are not comparable or less than to any revolution, which is going through the change of ever-increasing internet and smartphone reach across the world today. Technology giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. are generating a new way, the way the people are interacting over social media platforms. There is a comparison among Google’s created tool Neighbourly app, Facebook social site, WhatsApp app, and the Twitter platforms. All the four above have different types and sets of users and target people. Whatever, the overlapping of users is generous. Today, there is reach out to the general masses, one of the safest and fastest means that is being demanded of use of this kind of platforms and surfaces. Hence, it is basically a necessity to understand what is the basic differences between them.

Google Neighbourly Vs Whatsapp Vs Facebook Vs Twitter
Google Neighbourly Vs Whatsapp Vs Facebook Vs Twitter

Google’s Neighbourly App:

The neighborhood social network lets people freely to share locally and important information with other people in the vicinity. The crowd-sourced consideration ranges widely from your kitchen requirements to other daily requirements. The app has the feature to allow users to ask questions and queries and get answered by other users in their social neighborhood and surrounding area. Google had just begun the pilot run of the app working in Mumbai. Sparkingly feature of the Neighbourly app is very different when it is being compared to more popular/active networking social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.


Twitter is today most referred way as it is the most dedicated microblogging site of the world tech. Twitter works on ‘tweets,’ which may follow photos, GIFs, videos, texts, and links. Twitter is being widely being used as a tool of communication by almost every country world leaders. Today, there are many world leaders like to announce their official matters and disclose on this platform first.

A user needs to do small and basic registration on the Twitter platform, which works through entirely the website and user mobile application. The tagging option is along a direct tweeting to someone are also included in the main features of the platform. Twitter has now also become a source direct news from all country around the world, with major news famous agencies using it on a fully real-time basis to reach out to maximum people which are around the globe. Twitter trends help us to understand what is happening and are in trending around the world today. Anyone have the right to follow anyone without any required pre-permission on Twitter. It is more than a public platform.

WhatsApp, the messaging hub

WhatsApp is the well known web-based chatting user-friendly application, enjoying the largest decorated number of users in its chatting segment. The WhatsApp has the feature of encryption that has added the security feature to the platform. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. WhatsApp claims that it had started as an alternative for the SMS Mobile Phone feature. Now, it supports the sending of messages and receiving of text, photos, videos, documents, and locations. The application will also make users send voice and make video conferencing chats.

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A user needs to just register his/her mobile number in that application. The app works through the registered mobile number of the user. The WhatsApp application is free to use, only the network data charges are applicable, inline to the subscription of the users. It also runs on the computer platform through its WhatsApp Web website. According to the companies report, the app is being used in more than 180 countries and used by more than 1 billion.

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