Flipkart launches flipkart plus to tackle the increment of Amazon Prime.


As from today independence day flipkart has launched a flipkart+ features that enables users of flipkart to achieve 1 day quick delivery options of their products and also free delivery options. This can be achieved by getting 50 coins from shopping through flipkart and this is totally free to to its customers.
Getting points is an very easy task and can be achieved by buying of RS 250 products for getting 1 coin. And maximum only 10 products can be achieved by buying at one time.

Users have to buy their regular usable products through giant flipkart website
and easily get their required points to login in flipkart+. To gain advantage of flipkart + get set ready to only buy and sell from flipkart and get benefits.

By regular buying from flipkart to open in flipkart+ anyone can easily achieve 50 coin and you become this easily subscriber.



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