Flipkart is selling cracked versions of PC games online openly.

Flipkart selling cracked pc games openly.
Flipkart selling cracked pc games openly.

Flipkart is selling cracked versions of PC games online openly.

Flipkart is now currently is India’s largest online retail giant and it is already set to be very largely differently acquired by company Walmart. Therefore, However, all no be might not be self well for the required company, and with the recent taken reports accusing the company Flipkart of selling differently pirated products on their official website.

As per the reported in a large tweet by Vidit Sahni, a residing resident of New Delhi, Flipkart is now selling a plenty of PC and different games that were listed for others “offline use only”. Upon their further rechecking out the given items, the link has the description that clearly states that if it is a cracked game, and you have to install it by formally disabling your system antivirus and it’s proceeding with the final installation.

He further added and highlighted that a game, FIFA 18, which was just listed for just Rs. 799 on website Flipkart, with the given description being to be noted “NOTE: THERE IS A CRACK ONLY NO DIGITAL CODE”.

“Before being in installation, the specific game first off your push to your internet and largely antivirus. 1. All given CD file copied which is in your pc 2. Setup File that has to be Click 3. Install the game 4. Install finish and open the game and enjoy and playing your game,” the description needs to be read out in broken English.

It is very quite astonishing that it is Flipkart which is very openly being sold to a pirated different cracked games that are for multiple purchases on their given portal. What’s worse is that the higher fact has how Flipkart will initially be meant to be dealt with the given situation. Following his findings, after Vidit went on to issue a raise to a complaint, posing the given following question:

“Why is now Flipkart selling it’s pirated different products? This new product that has the description within itself that shows that this form of the game is further installed within using a severe crack. That Isn’t it a very serious issue oversight? And this is not meant to be the only game.”

However, now Flipkart is responded to the queries asked to disapprove the further question itself. “Reason is simple for not-approving the further question: and for the Irrelevant question,” stated Flipkart.

Despite being given the above-required response, Flipkart has now been since then be removed from these been listings from its official website. Nonetheless, the actual formal behavior that is from Flipkart which hasn’t been very good, and it is very quite astounding that with such an act that was not allowed within the required first place.

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