Boats Bassheads 225 Review | Best earphones under 500INR .

We techyaapa team unviealed the unboxing of BOAT BASSHEADS 225 IN- EAR SUPER EXTRA BASS HEADPHONES.
Lets have a look on this earphone features.

10mm Drivers

The design if earphones being innovated to meet the easy adjustment and wearing comfort. With powerful sonic clarity and good attenuation of ambient noises.

Passive Noise cancellation

It helps users to enjoy also in a very noisy environment. The feature also enable customers to receive calls on the go.

Polished metal construction

Boats bassheads 225 Unboxing.
Boats bassheads 225 Unboxing.

Drivers can be created with a polished metal finish that enhances the durability of the product and it makes the feel of Bassheads 225.

Gold plated jack

As to make jack long lasting and to provide easy and uninterrupable cable connectivity of headphone with music device.

Tangle free cable

Boats bassheads 225 Unboxing.
Boats bassheads 225 Unboxing.

The cables are always tangle free for ease of use and provides a smooth grip that fits the modern lifestyle.

Boats bassheads 225 Unboxing

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