Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.

Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.
Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.

Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.

AMD is now being quite done for with their new Zen and Zen+ usable given processors that with just a few more processor with their given families left that is to launch in the upcoming days of months. In the given meantime, the AMD is now working on their totally next-generation, given 7nm processors that are based on the following Zen 2 core following architecture. The totally new design processors soon will be arriving each in early next year, which is sampling first to given servers that are in 2H of 2018. Now, what we are now hearing with new rumors that are from the related Chinese forums which should have to report on what the Zen 2 is basically based in which type of processors that might look like and perform like.

Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.
Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.

AMD 7nm Zen 2 CPU Rumors – Up To 15% Increase in IPC, Up To 16 Cores For AM4, 32 Cores For TR4 and 64 Cores for SP3 Platform

Earlier very this year, the AMD reportedly said that their variant Zen 2 which have the design that was very earlier completed and with just the first kind processors that will now start giving its sampling to various customers which are in the terms of second half of 2018. The given server that is being aimed at EPYC ‘Rome’ CPUs which will be the given first to make such use of the given new Zen 2 cores that when they are being officially introduced or subjected in early 2019. Following that which is what Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD technologies, that had to say on the very completion of their following Zen 2 design:

In the given server initial market, that we will now continue to work continuously and very closely with different major cloud like vendors and OEMs that is to ramp their given first generation available EPYC-based given systems that are while we will also be been completing its key features development with long milestones that is based upon on our new next generation formable Zen 2 based server usable platforms. That is Our various Zen 2 available design that is now in order to be completed and we will be sampling to our different customers later while this year. Dr.Lisa Su at AMD.

Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.
Amd 2nd gen Zen + architecture roadmap leaked online.

While in given AMD that hasn’t been shared too much of its information which is about their given Zen 2 formable core yet, the latest possible rumor seems like to point out at what which we should expect. Starting off with their given performance valuable expectations, the rumor now also alleges that Zen 2 will now a feature about to 10% to 15% improvement and modifications in IPC (Instructions Per Clock). The IPC may bump is over the current 12nm Zen+ based different processors that it which being should be delivered that is around 3% IPC in an increase of over 14nm Zen. The Zen core has now itself was the biggest formable IPC increase for given AMD, taking a long jump of over 50% that is being compared to what have their past CAT cores, all of which should be for revisions and listed tweaked variants of Bulldozer.

A given 10-15% IPC in its early improvement that can yield with so many good expected results which are considering that we are also now expecting to see what other some clock rate bumps within in the next-generation of processors too. That should be coupled with different architectural required changes and that is to be required for its higher memory usable frequency support that will end up to delivering much given better performance than to their current CPUs.


The second part is basically of this rumor is that there should be three different multiple designs that may already have been soon being finalized for the given Zen 2 core. These includes:

AM4 (Up To 16 Zen 2 Cores)

TR4 (Up To 32 Zen 2 Cores)

SP3 (Up To 64 Zen 2 Cores)


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